Engaging with the Media: Reaching beyond Academia
Learn how to reach a wider audience with your research

Learn how to get your research covered by the media with a webinar hosted by Taylor & Francis, the international academic publisher, on 12 October.
The expert panel includes Fran Abrams, joint chief executive of the Education Media Centre, Lyndal Byford from the Australian Science Media Centre and Caroline Southey from The Conversation Africa.

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The Education Media Centre helps journalists reach relevant evidence and research, and it connects them with academic experts who are clear, knowledgeable and media-friendly.

The Education Media Centre can help education research experts who want their knowledge to make a difference in our nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces – wherever learning takes place. We can train, advise and support education researchers who want to reach a wider audience via the national media.

The Education Media Centre works with press offices in universities and other research organisations in order to improve the media and public understanding of education and education research.

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