22, May, 2018
by FranAbrams

Improving science participation: Five evidence-based recommendations

To continue with science post-16, young people must achieve certain levels of understanding and attainment. Crucially, they must also feel that science is a good ‘fit’ for them – that science is ‘for me’. Drawing on more than five years of research conducted by the Enterprising Science project in classrooms and out-of-school settings, the team have developed […]

22, March, 2018
by FranAbrams

Children from rich families secure grammar school places through private tutoring, study finds

New research has revealed the huge advantage rich families gain by using private tutors in the race for grammar school places. A new paper from the UCL Institute of Education shows that private tutoring means pupils from high-income families are much more likely to get into grammar schools than equally bright pupils from low-income families. […]

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