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Many press officers in universities – and in other organisations generating research – want to make sure education studies are having an impact and making a difference. So does the Education Media Centre. The EMC is a charity which helps journalists and the public understand more about education by making evidence make news.

We work with press officers in our field to help researchers and the media to communicate with each other.

We don`t promote any particular individual or institution, but we do connect media-friendly experts with the journalists who cover education so they can help them to add value to their reporting.

How can the EMC help?

In response to media enquiries, the EMC will connect researchers with national journalists on subjects making the news, and we will help researchers to communicate their work with confidence and in a way which is both accurate and media friendly.

We hold a database of researchers and academics with a track record of expertise in a range different areas of education. Our contacts are experts who are willing and able to engage with the media.

Many of these experts have been recommended by the EMC`s Research Advisory Panel of senior and highly regarded education research figures. The EMC works with researchers who share a commitment to the EMC`s Operating Principles.

In partnership with other organisations, the EMC can host and provide a venue at our base, Senate House for press conferences on fresh findings about newsworthy education issues.

The EMC organises live briefings where research experts inform national journalists about the research evidence behind long-running or upcoming issues.

The EMC is also building a collection of “What`s the evidence on …..?” reports, written by leading education academics and research experts. These provide overview summaries of the research evidence on popular topics, such as class sizes.


The EMC understands well that dealing with the media can be daunting to anyone who has never or only rarely had to.

EMC staff have the broadcast and journalistic experience in education to work with researchers and their press teams to offer media advice, coaching or training to researchers and academics who would like to gain more confidence dealing with journalists, improving their media communication skills and strengthening the impact of their research.

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