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“Free school lunches improve health and educational attainment.”

“University fees will put off poorer students, professionals warn”

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Do you ever read, watch or listen to education stories in the news and ask yourself, “What`s the evidence behind that? “

Whether you are a student, pupil, teacher, policy maker, parent, apprentice, employer, education professional, taxpayer or prime minister, the Education Media Centre aims to help enrich your knowledge of topical education issues.

Impartial and independent, the Education Media Centre is a charity set up to help the public understand more about the education issues which appear in the news.

It does this by helping the news media find out about and report on research and evidence produced by education experts in universities and other institutions in the UK and around the world. And we make sure that information is on topics which interest the public and is presented in a clear and media friendly way.

Our goal is for the public to be able to read, hear, see and understand more from education research experts via the media.

The EMC has no affiliation or leaning towards any other organisation and has no political, ideological or research agenda.

“What`s the evidence on ……..? “

To learn more about what research tells us about some key education issues, go to our “What`s the evidence on …..?” series on our  Research Making News page.

The EMC is inviting leading education academics and research experts to write clear and accessible overview summaries of research on popular topics, such as class sizes.

If you are interested in expert reactions to the latest education news, please visit our Breaking News Reactions page.

Our Blogs will articles from leading educationists on issues such as the role of evidence in our education system, how education research is carried out and whether or not education can be treated as a science.

We hope you will find these articles stimulating and informative.

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