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14, June, 2017
by cathyfarmer

SEMINAR – The switch to evidence-based education: its impact on schools, universities and their suppliers

Friday 15th September 2017 11:30 am – 3:30 pm Location: British Educational Suppliers Association HQ Tickets available via https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/102640/chk/3938 This important and timely interactive half-day seminar addresses the lead the UK is taking in using evidence to inform government policy and practice across schools, colleges and universities and the impact that is having on the ground. To […]

23, November, 2016
by cathyfarmer

A short film about the Education Media Centre

If you would like to know more about the work of the Education Media Centre please see our three year plan. 

28, March, 2014
by cathyfarmer

Who does best in higher education?

Major new research by HEFCE, the funding body for universities in England, into who does best in higher education suggests state school pupils outperform independent school pupils; girls outperform boys and white pupils do better than those from other ethnic groups. The study also finds that pupils from poorer backgrounds do less well than those […]

7, January, 2014
by cathyfarmer

New funding for neuroscience to improve learning announced, as schools warned against untested methods

Teachers are being warned against wasting public money and resources on so-called educational tools and schemes which are based on weak brain research. At a news briefing hosted by the Education Media Centre, leading figures from the Wellcome Trust and the Education Endowment Foundation launched a six million pound funding initiative for new rigorous and […]

10, December, 2013
by suelittlemore

Academics call for schools and teacher trainers to challenge genetic myths

A geneticist has called for improvements in what children are taught about genes because pupils could be picking up outdated myths. At a media briefing, held by the Education Media Centre, experts said teachers should also be given a basic understanding of genetics as part of their training. According to Dr Claire Haworth, deputy director to Professor Robert […]

9, December, 2013
by cathyfarmer

Should advances in genetics change the way children are taught?

The Education Media Centre held a background media briefing on genetics & education. Hear from the  experts  The debate over the role of genetics in education is back in the news after Boris Johnson’s dismissal of those of “our species” with a low IQ and after Michael Gove’s outgoing adviser, Dominic Cummings, urged educationists to […]

9, December, 2013
by cathyfarmer

Genetics & Education – listen to expert audio reactions

Dr Claire Haworth, Deputy Director on the influential Twins Early Development Study and King’s College London and Associate Professor in the Department of Psycology at the University of Warwick explains the main myths about genes and genetics in education. She calls for changes in what pupils are taught and teacher training:   Dr John Jerrim, […]

24, November, 2013
by suelittlemore

EMC`s first live briefing: OECD`s PISA results – Monday 2nd December 2013

SEE EMBARGO BELOW The OECD has asked the Education Media Centre to host the release of the new PISA results. Andreas Schleicher, the OECD`s Deputy Director for Education & Skills, will present the findings of this influential survey to an invited audience of journalists and others connected with the education media.This presentation will be followed […]

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