Brexit and schools – expert comment

Sir Michael Wilshaw has spoken of the “resentment” of some poorer communities over the North-South education divide and the connection with those who voted for Brexit. The Chief Inspector said, “They sense that somehow their children are not going to get as great a deal as youngsters in London and the South of England. If they sense that their children and young people are going to be denied the opportunities that exist elsewhere, that feeds into a general sense that they’re being neglected. It wasn’t just about leaving the European Union and immigration, it was that sense of a disconnection with Westminster.”

Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Director of the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment gave her reaction:

“Ask yourself whether lack of opportunity and lack of investment in schools in certain areas led people to protest against the system in a vote for Brexit. Everyone needs to have a stake in society and the chance of a decent life if we are to hold onto British values in our political system. “

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