Chancellor lifts cap on student numbers, but is this affordable ? Expert reaction

Responding to the Chancellor`s announcement of 30 , 000 more student places in higher education and the abolition of the cap on student numbers in 2015 , Professor of Higher Education Policy at Birkbeckand the Institute of Education, University of London, Claire Callender said

” I welcome the increase in student places in our universities, but I am deeply concerned about how these places will be funded .

Although the abolition of the cap on student numbers may mean higher education institutions can increase the numbers of people benefittingfrom a higher education there are a number of important questions which need addressing:

Will these students have access to the same level of loans and grants as now or will student financial support  be cut  to pay for the additional places or will other parts of the higher education budget be reduced?

Is this policy affordable and who will pay the price for this expansion in student numbers at a time of cuts  in public expenditure?


It should also be noted, by abolishing the cap on student places this marks a further attempt to develop a market in higher education . “

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