Changing GCSE grading to numbers

This year GCSEs will be marked from 9 to 1. More than £380,000 has been spent on telling schools, students and employers about the changes to the exams. In addition, another £121,500 is set to be spent over the summer publicising the reforms.

Expert comment from Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Director of the Department of Education, Professorial Fellow, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford:

“The public need to understand what the new grading system means and the costs for the public information programme are a drop in the ocean. The costs of the examination reforms have been colossal and it is questionable whether it has been worthwhile. Our examination system is in a perpetual state of reform, caused by different Ministers wanting to put their stamp on the system. Of course England needs to keep pace with educational changes, but we need to move away from ideological, expensive changes to our exams which are already highly regarded internationally.”
Recent publications:
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