#GE2017 – EDUCATION MATTERS – funding – comments from Luke Sibieta


Senior academics and leading experts in their field gave their perspectives on the main education issues in the General Election campaign and challenges for the next Government.

Comment from Luke Sibieta, programme director in the education, evaluation and employment sector at the Institute for Fiscal Studies on what the evidence say on the impact of spending on outcomes:

“There is a long body of research on school spending in connection to outcomes which is quite controversial as it generally found modest impact. However, in recent years there’s been a number of more high quality studies using better data. They tended to find more positive and quite clear positive impacts of spending on outcomes and higher impact on children from low income families. That’s largely the result of looking at cases in the US where courts ordered schools to be given more money.

In early years there’s been a very mixed body of evidence between spending and outcomes. There’s been a modest impact of the early years entitlement on both parental employment and child outcomes. But that maybe because the quality of the childcare provided being relatively low by unqualified, low wage staff in private and voluntary settings.”

Further information can be found on the IFS website.

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