#GE2017 election manifestos – teacher retention & recruitment

Comment from Professor Alice Sullivan, Professor of Sociology, UCL Institute of Education:

“We know from the research evidence that it matters far more that (pupils) have high quality teachers than what kind of structure of school they go to. If you want to help disadvantaged children you would try to get good teachers into those schools that they are at and obviously you can’t do that without having a strong teaching profession.”

Comment from Rebecca Allen, Director, Education Datalab:

“The number one issue is retention for me as we can’t stem the flow of teachers walking out of the door. We have to look very hard at the experience of teachers in the first three years of their career and why we make this an impossibly tough job to master.

I would want to see reforms to teacher training. I don’t think we can deliver it in a year. There is no policy mechanism in the system where people can get any kind of systematic professional development on the job.

Stage one is just making it possible to survive in those first few years and for too many people you just can’t. Mentoring, lower teacher loads and extending the length of training so that you are in part training even after year one, but they all cost money.”

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