Less privileged teenagers & university expectations – expert reaction

Early intervention to maintain and raise expectations could increase the number of teenagers from less privileged backgrounds entering higher education, a new study published in the Oxford Review of Education suggests. 

The full press release can be read here

Expert reaction from Claire Callender, Professor of Higher Education, UCL Institute of Education and Birbeck:

“This excellent paper once again shows the importance of young peoples’ socio-economic backgrounds in influencing their decisions to go to university. However, it does not shed light on why potentially qualified students change their minds about going to university between the ages of 14-17. Nor can it tell us why the most disadvantaged are so much more likely than their more affluent peers to move away from the idea of a university education. It might be related to the encouragement they receive from their teachers, family and friends. And it might be because of debt aversion and concerns about building up student loan debt if they go to university, as my research has suggested.”

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