Little to chose between East Asian Maths and “business as usual” – according to Cambridge maths expert

Following on from our earlier Breaking News Reaction about the teaching of Asian style maths here is reaction from maths expert Professor Ken Ruthven, University of Cambridge:

“This claim is based on an Education Endowment Foundation evaluation of the teaching of Mathematics Mastery. It is important to note that neither of the distinct large-scale trials at primary and at secondary levels produced a statistically significant effect, and that the effect sizes were low.

The subsequent combination of results from the two studies was post hoc and so opportunistic, with a result that only just achieves statistical significance at the weakest level, and an effect size that, of course, remains small.

What can be said positively is that this provides strong evidence that Mathematics Mastery is no less effective than the ‘business as usual’ teaching with which it was compared.”



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