“Loans & grants trump high fees as university applications rise”, says Cambridge Professor

Applications to universities in the UK have risen by 4% compared with this time last year, according to figures released by UCAS.

Anna Vignoles, Professor of Education, University of Cambridge comments:

“These figures confirm previous research evidence which suggested that higher education fees have not had a major negative impact on applications to university. The reason for this is because the fee regime continues to provide a substantial subsidy for students, reduces the risk for the individual and crucially because the average value of a degree remains relatively high.

Higher education continues to be a valuable investment for many individuals. For individuals who do not secure a substantial return to their higher education the income contingent loan system protects them from having to repay the full amount of the loan. So it is perhaps unsurprising that student numbers have held up.

Previous research has also suggested that the higher fees have not had a disproportionate impact on poorer students but this is something that will need ongoing monitoring.”

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