Quality of apprenticeships – what works best. Expert reaction to Ofsted report

Expert reaction to the latest Ofsted report on the quality of apprenticeships from Bill Lucas, Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester:

“Sir Michael Wilshaw is absolutely right to insist on quality in apprenticeships, on the need for more higher-level apprentices and on the inadequate state of careers guidance by some schools about vocational options such as apprenticeships. Indeed he might have argued that we should be more ambitious about the outcomes of apprenticeship and the full range of pedagogies used to deliver them, pledging to inspect these.

In Remaking Apprenticeships: powerful learning for work and life, we looked at the evidence for the kinds of teaching and learning which work best and it is by focusing on what works best that we are most likely to achieve quality in apprenticeships. His data does not appear to support a sweeping generalization to the effect that all providers are in disarray.”

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