Skills, technical & vocational education – government announces Industrial Strategy

The government has announced its Industrial Strategy promising to regenerate technical training and to tackle the skills shortage. They are proposing to ‘build a proper system of technical education, boosting key skills in science, technology, engineering, maths and digital proficiency, to ensure people have the skills employers need now and in the future.’

Comment from Professor Ewart Keep, Director, Centre on Skills, Knowledge & Organisational Performance, Oxford University gave his reaction:

“The Industrial Strategy’s announcements on skills mainly cover things that we already knew the government was committed to – vocational pathways, Institutes of Technology, and investigating a revival of sub-degree provision. There is little that is new here in terms of policy and the extra funding to support what has been announced is quite limited. The biggest disappointment, however, is how little the strategy has to say about how skills can support workplace innovation; or how we might improve the utilisation of existing skills and thereby boost productivity in the vast bulk of workplaces.”

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