The future of teacher recruitment & training

The Dfe have published the latest provisional recruitment to initial teacher training programmes in England in the academic year 2015 to 2016. In response to a potential crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, a conference held at the University of Oxford yesterday explored strategies for developing a long term, stable, and world-class model of Initial Teacher Education. Here John Howson, Honorary Norham Fellow at University of Oxford and visiting professor at Oxford Brookes university, concluded:

“The various routes into teaching have been undergoing a fundamental politically driven change from a higher-education based system to a school-led system. This change has occurred as the economy has shifted from recession into a period of growth. It is not yet clear how far the changes in training routes may affect the attractiveness of teaching as a career. Indeed, salary and other associated benefits such as work/life balance and pension arrangements may be of more significance in recruitment into the teaching profession.

What is certain is that to create a world-class education system, we need not only world-class teachers but sufficient of them in the right places and right subjects with a willingness to become the school leaders of both today and tomorrow.”


John Howson has analysed the latest Dfe statistics further on his blog and where you can read more about what he spoke of during the conference.

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