Election2017: what are the priorities for education….

Education charities and institutions are beginning to highlight what they hope will be the priorities for the next government. This page will be updated throughout the election campaign and will cover all topics in education from early years to higher education (please scroll down to see all issues).

Universities & higher education

Universities UK has identified five priorities for the next government:

1.     Securing an effective post-Brexit settlement for universities

2.     Supporting universities in their role as anchors for growth in local economies

3.     Increasing funding for science, research and innovation to match our competitors

4.     Supporting world-leading teaching, student experience and improving outcomes

5.     An effective immigration system

Further details about the Universities UK priorities can be read here. 

Election manifestos from the Russell Group and Million+.

Social mobility 

The Sutton Trust have issued their own ‘Mobility Manifesto’. They are calling for social mobility to be ‘placed at heart of the 2017 election campaign.’ The Mobility Manifesto sets out ten practical steps to improve social mobility including fairer school admissions, an end to unpaid internships and better early years education.  Read the Mobility Manifesto here.

School funding

Luke Sibieta, Programme Director, Education, Employment and Evaluation sector for the IFS, sets out his observations for what current government plans imply for spending on schools in England, what each of the main parties has said to date and the potential implications of freezing school spending in real-terms after the election.

Skills and apprenticeships

The CBI have issued their ‘Business Manifesto.‘ They call for a commitment to a long-term industrial strategy including skills, infrastructure and innovation, especially:

  • Ensure every child has a good core education, using Chartered College of Teaching and a new fund to support heads and teachers, and guarantee high quality careers advice in all schools by 2020, with firms as valued partners
  • Build quality pathways to skilled careers by redesigning the Apprenticeship Levy to ensure it delivers quality and not just quantity, alongside a revolution in technical and digital skills through excellent implementation of new T-Levels by 2021

Sixth forms 

Schools and colleges have combined to launch Support Our Sixth-formers campaign. In their manifesto they are calling for:

  • an increase in funding for sixth form education
  • calls on all political parties to adopt four recommendations aimed at increasing investment in sixth form education
  • the main recommendation is the introduction of an ‘SOS uplift’ in funding of £200 per student (an overall increase of less than 5%) that schools and colleges can use to improve the support offered to sixth formers.

Read more here.

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