Teaching children about mental health and wellbeing

For over a decade a growing body of evidence has documented a major deficit in young people’s sense of personal wellbeing

Now the government is making it compulsory for schools to teach children about mental health. From September 2020 both primary and secondary pupils must learn to build mental resilience and wellbeing, and to recognise when they or others are struggling.

But how can schools judge which programmes and curriculum offerings will really work for them?

This free one-day conference will give educators access to solid, well-researched evidence about the best projects and programmes for teaching wellbeing and resilience.

It will feature contributions from high- profile speakers as well as from those evaluating the programmes and the schools who already run them.It will enable participants to speak directly to those who really know the detail of what works, for which types of schools and for which pupils.

Confirmed Speakers

Baron Richard Layard
Co-Director of the Wellbeing programme at the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance
Tim Loughton MP
Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children


This conference is suitable for Head Teachers, SLT & Wellbeing coordinators


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