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10, December, 2013
by suelittlemore

Academics call for schools and teacher trainers to challenge genetic myths

A geneticist has called for improvements in what children are taught about genes because pupils could be picking up outdated myths. At a media briefing, held by the Education Media Centre, experts said teachers should also be given a basic understanding of genetics as part of their training. According to Dr Claire Haworth, deputy director to Professor Robert […]

6, December, 2013
by EMC Admin

Why learning lessons from PISA is as hard as predicting who will win a football match

by David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, University of Cambridge I am a statistician and I love bucket-loads of data. So I jumped at the chance to make a BBC Radio 4 programme on PISA’s testing of 500,000 school students across 65 countries. But after talking to many people and examining past PISA […]

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