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10, February, 2014
by cathyfarmer

New EEF findings: some signs of what does/doesn`t raise attainment of disadvantaged pupils

The Education Endowment Foundation has published its first  six reports. These are based on trials with 6,800 pupils at 238 schools and aim to be a major new source of evidence to help schools narrow the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils. Arguably an important and valuable aspect of these studies is they reveal not only what […]

9, February, 2014
by suelittlemore

New evidence on getting the best from teaching assistants

Teaching assistants can improve numeracy and literacy when used effectively, according to new research from the Education Endowment Foundation. According to the Foundation, the results of two randomised controlled trials suggest: in literacy when teaching assistants are trained in and stick to a specific and tested programme, they can improve the skills of struggling pupils; […]

7, January, 2014
by cathyfarmer

New funding for neuroscience to improve learning announced, as schools warned against untested methods

Teachers are being warned against wasting public money and resources on so-called educational tools and schemes which are based on weak brain research. At a news briefing hosted by the Education Media Centre, leading figures from the Wellcome Trust and the Education Endowment Foundation launched a six million pound funding initiative for new rigorous and […]

13, December, 2013
by suelittlemore

“Academies, reading, teachers` progress, IT underused and evidence ignored” policy expert on challenges from Ofsted report

 “Academies, reading, teachers` progress, IT underused and evidence ignored” Professor Robert Cassen, expert in social policy and social exclusion at the LSE, on some policy challenges emerging from Ofsted`s annual report Academies Addressing the social achievement gap needs many initiatives, including some for school improvement. The mechanisms for doing this are much less clear since […]

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