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3, December, 2013
by suelittlemore

Experts urge politicians to avoid “PISA Panic”

The Education Media Centre has collected breaking news reactions to the publication of the PISA 2012 results – the OECD’s influential comparison of the performance in tests of more than half a million 15 year olds in 65 countries in maths, science and reading. According to the OECD, Asian countries are top : Shanghai, China and Singapore in […]

24, November, 2013
by suelittlemore

Find our first breaking news expert reactions here on Monday 2nd December 2013…

SEE BELOW FOR EMBARGO PISA RESULTS WILL SET OFF THE FIRST EMC EXPERT BREAKING NEWS REACTIONS Our first breaking news reactions from education experts will be sent to education journalists by e mail and posted here on Monday the 2nd December 2013 when the EMC hosts the launch of the OECD`s release of the influential PISA […]

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