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27, February, 2014
by cathyfarmer

What’s the evidence on …….teaching maths the Shanghai way?

According to Pisa international league tables, 15-year-olds in Shanghai are three years ahead of their UK counterparts in mathematics – a measure of success which inspired the Education Minister, Elizabeth Truss, to lead a visit to the city to see how children are taught and learn maths there. What does existing research say about the East Asian approach to […]

10, February, 2014
by cathyfarmer

New EEF findings: some signs of what does/doesn`t raise attainment of disadvantaged pupils

The Education Endowment Foundation has published its first  six reports. These are based on trials with 6,800 pupils at 238 schools and aim to be a major new source of evidence to help schools narrow the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils. Arguably an important and valuable aspect of these studies is they reveal not only what […]

9, February, 2014
by suelittlemore

New evidence on getting the best from teaching assistants

Teaching assistants can improve numeracy and literacy when used effectively, according to new research from the Education Endowment Foundation. According to the Foundation, the results of two randomised controlled trials suggest: in literacy when teaching assistants are trained in and stick to a specific and tested programme, they can improve the skills of struggling pupils; […]

6, December, 2013
by EMC Admin

Why learning lessons from PISA is as hard as predicting who will win a football match

by David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, University of Cambridge I am a statistician and I love bucket-loads of data. So I jumped at the chance to make a BBC Radio 4 programme on PISA’s testing of 500,000 school students across 65 countries. But after talking to many people and examining past PISA […]

3, December, 2013
by suelittlemore


COMMENTING ON PISA 2012 RESULTS  PROFESSOR ROBERT COE OF DURHAM UNIVERSITY SAID “There are real issues with comparing different countries with different systems, but whatever the limitations, PISA is the best evidence we have of its type. However, it is interesting that PISA test results for the UK show little difference in maths, English and […]

3, December, 2013
by suelittlemore

Experts urge politicians to avoid “PISA Panic”

The Education Media Centre has collected breaking news reactions to the publication of the PISA 2012 results – the OECD’s influential comparison of the performance in tests of more than half a million 15 year olds in 65 countries in maths, science and reading. According to the OECD, Asian countries are top : Shanghai, China and Singapore in […]

24, November, 2013
by suelittlemore

Find our first breaking news expert reactions here on Monday 2nd December 2013…

SEE BELOW FOR EMBARGO PISA RESULTS WILL SET OFF THE FIRST EMC EXPERT BREAKING NEWS REACTIONS Our first breaking news reactions from education experts will be sent to education journalists by e mail and posted here on Monday the 2nd December 2013 when the EMC hosts the launch of the OECD`s release of the influential PISA […]

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