What does the research evidence say about key education news stories?

The Education Media Centre works with journalists, researchers and their press officers to produce independent, impartial and easy to understand answers to that question.

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The Education Media Centre will focus on the media agenda. We will help find the research expertise behind the news stories you are following and present new studies we know are newsworthy.

With experienced journalists amongst our staff we understand the media need fast, clear, authoritative information.

Our services to the media include matching journalists to experts, live briefings on newsworthy education research and research summaries on long running issues.

Do you believe research and evidence can offer an alternative to opinion, hunches and biased assumptions about topical education issues?

Independent and impartial, the Education Media Centre will help university academics and other research experts play a greater role in the media and public debate on education by connecting researchers with national journalists on subjects making the news.

Researchers with insights into current education issues can turn to the EMC to help their work make impact amongst the widest possible public and professional audiences.

The Education Media Centre welcomes all opportunities to work with and support press offices in universities, funding bodies and other organisations generating research to improve the public and media access to education research and evidence.

EMC staff have the broadcast and journalistic experience to work with press teams offering  advice and coaching to researchers and academics who would like to improve their media communication skills and strengthen the impact of their work.

We also work as partners with press offices to facilitate and host briefings and press conferences with the national media.

The Education Media Centre is an independent charity with no affiliation or leaning towards any other organisation.

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